Dr. Jagesh Kumar Tiwari

Dr Jagesh Kumar TiwariDr. Jagesh Kumar Tiwari
Scientist (Senior Scale)

Ph. D. (Horticulture),IARI, New Delhi, India,
2007Post-Doctoral Research, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia (Australian Endeavour Research Fellow – 2015)

Eight years of research experience in potato genetic enhancement through cellular, molecular and genomics tools. JKT has developed three interspecific potato somatic hybrids via symmetric protoplasts fusion to widen the cultivated potato gene pool for breeding uses against resistance to late blight and potato virus Y diseases. Two somatic hybrids are registered at the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR), New Delhi. He has identified genes controlling late blight resistance and tuberization in the potato somatic hybrids by microarray transcriptome analysis. JKT has contributed to isolation of late blight resistance genes from wild species, QTLs mapping, molecular diversity for marker-assisted potato breeding and applied genetic approaches for nitrogen use efficiency of potato crop. He has acquired his molecular skills from CIP, Lima, Peru and Post-Doctoral Research (Australian Endeavour Research Fellow-2015) at ACPFG (Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics), University of Adelaide, Australia. JKT has published nearly 40 research papers in peer-reviewed journals at national and international level; and credited with one edited book. His papers have been published in the Journals like Plant Cell and Tissue Organ Culture, Plant Breeding, Scientia Horticulture, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, Genome, Acta Physiologia Plantarum, Potato Research and so on. He is currently associated leading (PI) two projects i) Institute funded Biotechnology programme, and ii) the DBT-funded project; and associated (co-PI) in two project at CPRI. He is honoured with the Australian Endeavour Research Fellows-2015; “Chandra Prabha Singh Young Scientist Award” by Indian Potato Association, ICAR-CPRI, Shimla; and received the best papers and poster awards. He is a member of the Editorial Board of “Potato Journal”, and invited reviewers of many peer-reviewed journals on request.