This series of e-learning courses on a variety of topics related to biosafety have been developed to support the training of IBOs, IBSC members and any other personnel involved in biosafety compliance related activities. These courses are based on guidelines notified by Indian regulatory authorities.

The courses can be taken at any time and include quizzes to test your learning and understanding. To start, please click on the courses below.

  1. Regulatory Compliance by the Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBSC) informs about the “Guidelines and Handbook for IBSCs” with an objective to strengthen the functioning of IBSCs.
  2. Compliance Management of Confined Field Trials informs about the “Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures for the Conduct of Confined Field Trials of Regulated, Genetically Engineered plants in India” with an objective to strengthen the management and monitoring of confined field trials of GE crops in the country.