Dr. Vishlesh Shankar Nagrare

Dr Vishlesh Shankar NagrareDr. Vishlesh Shankar Nagrare
Senior Scientist (Agricultural Entomology)

My primary research area is the development of sustainable management strategies for sucking pests of cotton. I handled 12 projects covering development of simulation models, decision support systems, ICT based crop pest surveillance, emerging and key pests: and their characterization, taxonomy, genetic diversity, and control, the development and validation of IPM / IRM strategies, the development of bio-rational pesticides, and amelioration of leaf reddening, etc. I disseminated eco-friendly mealybug management strategies across India, and I disseminated cotton pest management strategies through ICT tools since 2009-10 in Maharashtra state. I published 34 research papers in national and international journals, 1 book, 3 book chapters, 18 popular articles/ short communications, 10 research bulletin/ extension bulletins, 13 paper presented in conference/ seminar / symposia and 8 abstracts. I have undergone 3 months of training on sensor-based technologies and application for natural resource management at Colorado State University USA.

Some of the significant research achievements:

  • Confirmed identity of exotic cotton mealybug Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley) that was widespread in India.
  • Studied diversity of mealybugs and mirids in cotton agro ecosystem, indicated occurrence of 7 mealybug species and 3 mirid species.
  • A new sampling plan devised and optimum sample size established for field population estimates of mirid, Campylomma livida.
  • Devised novel and simple protocol for lifecycle studies of mealybug solenopsis.
  • Recorded 166 host plants ofsolenopsis in three cotton agroecosystems of India.
  • Recorded 11 species of parasitoids, 4 species of hyperparasitoids and 8 species of predators on solenopsis.
  • Screened effective and eco safer insecticides against mealybugs.
  • Developed bio-rational formulation ‘Mealy Quit’.
  • Disseminated pest management strategies through ICT tools in 28 districts of Maharashtra.
  • Analysed biochemicals in mealybug infested and healthy plants.
  • Generated data on efficacy of insecticides against whiteflies.
  • Studied life cycle parameters of cotton Jassid, Amrasca biguttula biguttula.
  • Analysed diversity of spiders in protected and pesticide free conditions in Bt and non Bt cotton.
  • Developed weather based population prediction model for mirid Campylomma livida.