Dr K.B.R.S. Visarada

Dr KBRS VisaradaDr K.B.R.S. Visarada
Principle Scientist

Field(s) of Professional Specialization

  • Agricultural biotechnology with specific reference to cereals
  • Inter-generic and inter-specific hybridization in sorghum
  • Genetic transformation of sorghum and rice
  • Intellectual property rights in agriculture and biosafety issues

Professional experience:

  • Serving for past 30 years as Scientist for Indian council of Agricultural Research ( ICAR)
  • Currently working for incompatible wild crosses
  • Specialized in genetic transformation and tissue culture of sorghum and rice
  • Taught credit courses on IPRs and Biosafey for M Sc Biotechnology
  • Delivered lectures, participated in discussions on IPRs and Biosafey issues
  • Trained students and project personnel on laboratory techniques in biotechnology.


  • Review Papers: 02
  • Research Papers: 16
  • Patents: 01 (filed in 2010)
  • Technical and popular articles: 08
  • Book chapters : 04
  • Scientific conference papers: 19
  • Farmer interactions: 03